The Dangers of Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children has become a rampant epidemic within the US, and as a direct result, it is estimated that 1 in 5 Hispanic children has diabetes. There are many factors that cause childhood obesity and the main and most important one is ignorance. Sadly, it is usually the mother who causes their child to become overweight or diabetic because they don’t know how to properly feed their children.

We also find that most parents have the misconception that keeping a child from eating sweets and junk food is cruel and will traumatize them. This of course, couldn’t be further away from the truth and what these parents are not realizing is that their child will be far more unhappy if it grows up to be an insulin dependent diabetic. It is far easier to put up with your kid crying and making a fuss because he or she wants candy, than to be by her side in ten years when she is obese and has a hard time adjusting socially.

When it comes to helping your children lose weight, you must keep in mind that it’s illegal to put a minor on a diet. But as it happens, kids don’t really need to eat less to lose weight, simply getting rid of certain foods that are keeping the child overweight and replacing them with healthy alternatives is enough.

There are two golden rules to helping a child lose weight: First, the child should only be given water to drink. Giving an overweight child juices and sodas is not good because these are extremely high in sugar and calories and end up getting stored as fat.

Second, eliminate cereal from their diet. Cereals, especially those made for kids, are extremely high in carbohydrates and sugar and require a lot of activity to burn off which is no easy task when you’re only 3 feet tall. Studies show that children who have protein for breakfast such as eggs and yogurt tend to be thinner and more energetic during the day than children who are fed cereal for breakfast.

It is not necessary to deprive your child of pizza or a dessert so long as it’s the right time for it, like a birthday party or a Saturday night. But if you have a child who is overweight you can’t afford to keep soda, cereal, crackers and junk food in the house. These types of food don’t provide any nutritional value; they contribute to your child’s obesity and are an unnecessary expense.

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