The 3 Rules to Ordering In a Restaurant

Eating out is one of the most pleasant experiences that are easily available to most and enjoying the ambiance, eating something delicious and partaking in good conversation can be very therapeutic for many people. So how do you enjoy all of that without blowing your diet? Easy!

There are three rules that you must always follow when you order food at a restaurant. Whether you are trying to lose weight or keep it off, these rules will help you make the right decisions.

Rule number 1:

The first thing you must take into account is that every day, the plates that are being served in restaurants are getting bigger and bigger. This is because most restaurants try to be competitive by serving more food. Trying to eat everything on your plate is a mistake. When you order your entree, let the Walter know that you would like half of it to be set aside in a To Go container and the other half served to you. This way when you get the food you will only be eating a normal sized portion and will not over eat.

Rule number 2:

Always eat a side salad before your entree. If you’re at your favorite restaurant, chances are you’re going to lose the battle with your self and end up ordering something that you like, not something that you should eat. But by eating a small salad before that plate of fried food or pasta, you will at least have eaten something healthy and filling beforehand that will even things out.

Rule number 3:

Finally, if you plan on eating dessert, don’t eat any appetizers (you can’t have both) and have iced tea or mineral water instead of a soda, to keep the carbs under control. Share your dessert with someone else to reduce the calories by half. Even if it hurts to share it, you will be glad when you leave the restaurant feeling proud of yourself and guilt free.

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