The Importance of a Multivitamin

The human body needs 114 different nutrients every day, amongst them, vitamins.

There is no doubt that vitamins play an essential role in our health, but this does not mean that all of our health problems can be fixed simply by taking vitamins. Many people make the mistake of believing that fatigue is due to lack of vitamins when in fact, most fatigue related cases are due to a protein and iron deficiency.

It is important to take multivitamins to make up for the fact that most of us don’t eat seven fruits and vegetables per day and therefore, have a vitamin and mineral deficiency that can be taken care of by using supplements.

But just as we don’t eat seven fruits and vegetables per day, we also don’t eat fish every day, or legumes three times a week, etc. and these mineral and essential oil deficiencies also need to be addressed by using supplements.

In other words, anyone who is not eating perfect meals every day should take a multivitamin, minerals and essential Omega oils every day to help prevent health problems related to nutritional deficiencies.

Minerals have individual names whereas vitamins have the name of alphabetical letters (A, B , C) and are divided into two categories:

–          Water soluble vitamins, which are those that deposit in the body’s water and need to be replenished every day as they are lost through sweat and urine.

–          Fat soluble vitamins, which are those that deposit in the body’s fat tissue and last for weeks or months.

B vitamins for example, are water soluble and are in charge of the nervous system. Individuals who sweat a lot due to work or exercise need to replenish their B vitamins constantly to prevent getting mouth sores, hair loss and nightmares.

The best health occurs when the body receives a balanced nutrition full of nutrients. This is why we must always supplement our diet with vitamins, minerals and any other type of nutrient that might be lacking in the food we eat.

Remember that not all supplements are the same. Quality varies widely from one company to another and when it comes to supplements you should always try to buy the best. The best doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Good supplements are made all natural and come from natural ingredients. Bad supplements are generic and made from chemicals.

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