Sweeten Me Up With Stevia

The world has reached an age in which plastic is king and most foods come packaged, frozen and canned. Food has become so processed that it is almost impossible to avoid consuming flour and, most especially, refined sugar. Food products that would never be suspected such as wheat bread, mayonnaise, toothpaste and even hamburger meat, all contain sugar.

It is important to mention that sugar isn’t necessarily bad so long as it’s consumed in small quantities and it is unprocessed cane sugar. Unfortunately, the sugar used by the majority of food manufacturers is refined sugar which in addition to having harmful chemicals, impacts the pancreas and causes sugar levels to rise, then crash. This is why energy drinks are deemed an unhealthy solution to energy problems and why diabetics have to limit their intake of sugar.

Because of this, more and more people are looking for healthy alternatives to sweeten up their daily cup of coffee or dessert. The most common sweeteners used are Equal, Splenda and Sweet & Low. These sugar substitutes are great for dieters and diabetics alike because they don’t have calories or spike sugar levels. But like all chemicals, they can have negative effects on the body such as bloating and migraines.

So if you’re looking for a permanent sugar substitute, I recommend you opt for something completely natural and free of chemicals. There are many sweeteners that are all natural, the most common ones being honey, agave nectar and Stevia. Of the three, my favorite is the Stevia plant because unlike honey and agave nectar, Stevia doesn’t spike sugar levels and has zero calories!

This is due to the fact that Stevia is literally three hundred times sweeter than sugar and therefore only minute amounts are needed. To sweeten a cup of coffee for example, the equivalent of a grain of rice is enough.

Stevia looks a lot like powdered sugar and has a fairly similar taste so long as small amounts are used and every day, more and more grocery stores are carrying Stevia products in their sweetener sections. So the next time you want to sweeten up your life, do it naturally!


  1. I wanted to mention that I found a great Stevia brand called Nustevia (www.Ihealth.com) which is totally awesome because it has a very mild after taste. It’s kinda hard to find but totally worth it, especially since it comes in convenient individual packets.
    If you are a big tea or coffee drinker or you like to bake, this is a great product and totally worth the pain of having to order it online.

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