Garlic is considered the world’s second oldest medicine in recorded history. As a cousin to the onion, the mention of garlic has been found in ancient caves as well as clay tablets, dating back to 1000BC, in which garlic was written as a prescription.

It is also recorded that Greek soldiers ate garlic before going into battle to help them remain strong. And in Europe garlic was considered to be so powerful that people began hanging garlic braids on their doorways to ward off evil spirits and vampires.

Perhaps garlic might do little to help you ward off vampires, but it has been clinically proven that garlic is one of Mother Nature’s strongest antibiotics. Amongst other things, garlic can fight off the virus that causes Tuberculosis, Influenza and urinary tract infections, just to name a few.

Garlic is also very affective against many different types of bacteria and parasites including the kinds that cause yeast infections, ear infections, athlete’s foot, Candida and more. But that’s not all! In is clinically proven that garlic also helps reduce sugar levels for diabetic individuals, helps prevent cancer, eliminates lead from the body and even helps prevent leprosy.

If that’s not enough to convince you of garlic’s awesome healing powers, it should also be mentioned that it can help with cardiovascular disease. Every day, more and more doctors are opting to prescribe to their patients garlic supplements instead of aspirin. This is due to the fact that garlic has the same benefits, such as maintaining the arteries clean and preventing strokes, without the negative side effects of aspirin. Garlic is also recommended to help improve circulation, varicose veins and to reduce cholesterol levels.

With all the amazing cures that can be attributed to garlic, it’s not surprising that our ancestors thought it could also help them fight off vampires!

Garlic is an amazing and powerful plant. But in order to take full advantage of its medicinal properties, it is important to consume it raw, when possible. Garlic (like most foods), looses a lot of its nutritional value when cooked. Garlic that has been exposed to heat is half as effective against parasites and viruses, when compared to garlic in its raw form.

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