The Dilemma with Food:(It Brings us Pleasure And Causes Pain)

One of the biggest pleasures in life is being able to enjoy food, and many people easily confess they enjoy a piece of chocolate cake more than the company of their spouse! But one of the most important aspects in taking control of your health is changing your attitude towards food. Remember that if you change your eating habits, you change your health.

From a very young age, we learn to find pleasure in food as it is always present in parties, celebrations or even when we’re sad and looking for a way to distract ourselves. This causes us to associate food with pleasure and we develop the bad habit of eating to feel good. This is why we get mood swings when we try to stop eating to lose weight or improve our health, it’s almost as though we were being punished!

But ultimately, what is more painful to you: abstaining from the foods that are bad for you or getting on that scale tomorrow morning and discovering you’ve gained more weight? What hurts the most: cutting down your intake of sugar or getting an insulin shot every day?

Many people are very sick because of their diet and don’t change the way they eat because they think that they will suffer if they don’t eat the foods they like whenever they want to. What these people don’t take into account is the pain and suffering they feel when they look at the mirror or when they go to the doctor and receive bad news.

Most people see food as something that brings pleasure, but the true purpose of food is to provide nutrition. When we eat based on what tastes good we tend to gain weight and become sick. On the other hand, when we eat for health we make the right decisions. Changing your attitude towards food isn’t easy, and absolutes are rarely if ever attainable. The goal is to shift gears so that you’re “thinking and eating healthy” most of the time, and enjoying rich or unhealthy foods only when it seems appropriate.

Changing the way you see food is a gradual process that is worth all the effort. Remember that health is a way of thinking that manifests itself on the body. If you are focused on doing what’s best for your body, the difference will show.

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