So the weekend is finally over and now you’re stuck with a guilty conscience and a bloated stomach. If only you hadn’t eaten all that food! If this sounds like you, then read on.

Many Americans today are relying heavily on unhealthy foods to feel good and relax, and nowhere is this trend more visible than on the weekends. From calorie ridden margaritas and appetizers, to sugary refreshments and deserts, the weekend for most people seems to be the time to let loose and eat every last horrible thing imaginable.

So what you might ask, can you do to right the wrong? Is there such a thing as food that can reverse the negative effects of other foods? Fortunately for you, the answer is YES!

As a general rule, most people during the weekend tend to overindulge in processed foods that are almost always loaded with sugar, salt and fat, so staying away from these foods for a few days is key so your body can recover from the stress caused to your system. If possible, stick to low calorie foods such as low fat milk, lean meats such as turkey and chicken, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid canned, frozen or processed foods, as these tend to be high in sodium and calories. If you have a nifty lunchbox or a collection of Tupperware, now would be the time to dust it off and put it to good use! Remember that home-cooked food will almost always be lower in fat and calories than prepared food from restaurants.

To help your body recover from the sodium overload that appetizers and restaurant dishes generally contain, try to eat plenty of high potassium foods such as milk, watermelon and banana, and drink at least 2 more glasses of water than you would normally. Adding the extra water is as easy as cutting down on sodas and high calorie refreshments, and making sure you always carry water in your car and at work.

If you’ve eaten foods that contained large amounts of flour, (such as pasta and pizza) make sure you eat at least one colorful salad, one large serving of greens, and at least 2 fruits per day. All that flour needs to leave your intestines, and the safest and healthiest way to do that is by making sure you get plenty of fiber and water in your system. Whenever possible, choose wheat bread over white, and granola or oatmeal over regular cereal. If you want to snack, choose fresh fruit and plain yogurt over crackers and cheese.

Finally, you should think about why you are overeating during the weekends and try to find a solution that you can live with, but that will help you cut down on all the unhealthy overeating. This could be as simple as making it a golden rule to eat a salad before each meal, choosing between a desert and a refreshment, or asking for half of your food to go so you can enjoy it on another day.

Eating healthy should  always feel right, even if it’s not always easy. And in the long run, the pleasure we get from eating naughty food is short lived, but the consequences of how we eat stay with us forever. Here’s to your health!


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