Banana Nut Protein Bread Recipe

                                                                                Here is a very nutritious recipe for a breakfast bread that has over 12 grams of protein, tons of fiber and less than 15 grams of bad carbs per serving. For a lower calorie version, skip the nuts. Please note that I consider this a breakfast recipe and not a snack or desert recipe because […]

Brown Eggs or White Eggs?

Ever found yourself in the dilemma of having to pick out a carton of eggs and not knowing which to pick? It seems that grocery stores now carry organic eggs, grain fed eggs, Omega rich eggs and anything but good old fashioned white eggs. Many people today are shelling out extra cash to buy brown […]

The Effect of Food on Our Heath

In this last decade, science has come to discover that many health issues are not due to genetic inheritance but due to the fact that what we inherit are our parents bad eating habits. In other words, if mom liked to cook with lard, chances are daughter will also use lard to cook with and, […]


Garlic is considered the world’s second oldest medicine in recorded history. As a cousin to the onion, the mention of garlic has been found in ancient caves as well as clay tablets, dating back to 1000BC, in which garlic was written as a prescription. It is also recorded that Greek soldiers ate garlic before going […]


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