El Latino Health & Beauty Event

Hello there! I wanted to share a short overview video of an event in Sand Diego that I had the pleasure of being a part of. It was an awesome experience so I thought I’d share it with you! Video of El Latino Health & Beauty Event -Cristal

Why Salad Diets Don’t Always Work

Hi guys! Today I bring you good news: It’s ok if you don’t like salads, ‘cause if you’re eating them to lose weight, chances are you’re better off eating a burger! Well, now that I’ve caught your attention with my half-truths (watch and learn Fox news), I suggest you keep reading to find out what […]

Hot Dog Alert (2nd Worst Food)

Alright so the summer is almost here and I didn’t want to miss a chance to talk about the hidden health issues hiding in food we eat the most during the hot months of the year: Hot dogs. If you are a know it all that is “well aware” of the dangers lurking in a […]

The best Hydration Drink EVER!

 Hey guys! I wanted to share with you two of my favorite ways to stay hydrated during the hot summer weather, and also mention WHY it’s so important to keep up a high intake of water and electrolytes. As you probably already know, your body loses tons of minerals (mainly salts) whenever you sweat, and […]

My new Audio Book is here!

Hi everyone!  I couldn’t wait until the official launch of my latest audiobook: Keep Fit For Life, so I decided to post a picture today! Over all, I am very excited about this project because I feel like I was able to marry a very simple, basic knowledge of health & nutrition principles with a […]

My Ideal breakfast

It’s truly amazing how many people skip breakfast or eat foods that basically fall under the category of “dessert”, and yet expect to somehow have tons of energy during the day and not have any cravings for junk food! Seriously?! Ok let me be clear: If you start the day off by eating garbage, you […]

So the weekend is finally over and now you’re stuck with a guilty conscience and a bloated stomach. If only you hadn’t eaten all that food! If this sounds like you, then read on. Many Americans today are relying heavily on unhealthy foods to feel good and relax, and nowhere is this trend more visible […]



Hi everyone! Today I chose to post this article because I had someone ask me whether brown eggs (which are usually way more expensive) arereally that much healthier than white eggs, and whether Jumbo eggs came from hens that were given hormones. I hope this answers things for you, and as usual please bear with […]

Soda: A Bio-Hazard Drink

It is without a doubt that most people today have willingly replaced water with soda and other similar refreshments that are supposed to be healthier but at the end of the day have the same amount of sugar or calories. But did they really choose? It is interesting to note that in a family reunion […]

Update on my personal New Year’s Resolution

 Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that I am very proud of myself this year! I feel like I’ve finally overcome the last barrier that was getting in the way of me reaching optimum health and obtaining the body that I’ve always wanted. Perhaps you’re wondering what someone like me, who overcame obesity […]

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