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The Power of Nutritional Healing

As a nutrition expert I know how the body functions as it pertains to weight gain and health, and why the majority of diets don’t work for most women. The objective of this program is to teach you in a simple, easy to understand way how to improve your health, achieve your personal weight loss goals by changing the way you eat and most importantly, develop the discipline you need to achieve your goals.

You need to change your health because it affects all the important areas in your life; confidence, appearance, fitness, energy and your spirit. You will never reach your potential without a healthy body. We will examine all the bad habits, excuses and the lack of knowledge that is keeping you from reaching your maximum potential.In this course we will give you a step by step “action plan” that will empower you and give you the tools you need to reach your ideal weight by teaching you how to eat nutritious meals, take supplements and fit exercise into your lifestyle. You will also be coached on how to read and understand food labels and how to change the way you feel about food.

We will educate you on how to create a balanced eating plan and help you overcome the challenges that you face regarding food. We will also discuss the power of commitment which is the key to your success in having a healthier, happier more productive life.Change Your Eating Habits

  • Breakfast: the most important meal of the day
  • Reduce the foods that make you gain weight
  • Incorporate healthy food in your diet
  • Differentiate between good and bad supplements

Weight Loss and Maintenance

  • How to effectively use supplements
  • How to read nutritional labels
  • Change your attitude towards food!
  • How to incorporate exercise to your daily routine
  • How to eliminate junk food forever

Bad Habits You Need to Overcome

  • Excuses that are limiting you
  • Lack of commitment and discipline
  • Lack of planning
  • Using food to feel good
  • Not taking responsibility

Action Plan

  • Learn to make a change
  • Make the commitment to succeed
  • Organize yourself, have a written plan
  • Be persistent, believe in yourself
  • How to overcome your obstacles

Lose Weight & Gain Health Program

Cristal’s program focuses on helping you design a healthy and realistic meal plan that will allow you to get rid of bad habits and add healthier foods to your diet. This training will also teach you how to differentiate between wholesome food and unhealthy food, it will help you understand the four basic steps for losing weight and maintenance, and it will give you the tools and motivation you need to overcome the obstacles in your way.

The 4 Basic Weight Loss Steps

  • Reducing carbs
  • The importance of a “Meal Plan”
  • How to measure and control portions
  • Understanding a nutritional label

The Effect of Food on Your Health

  • The Key to Health: Balance
  • “Nutritious food” vs. “Empty food”
  • Get rid of junk food once and for all

Reach Your Ideal Weight Today!

  • Your “Action Plan”
  • How to organize a daily routine
  • Change your attitude towards food
  • The obstacles you have to overcome

The Magic Word: Wellness

  • Maintain your ideal weight for life
  • Supplement your diet with vitamins
  • Include exercise in your daily life
  • Maintaining a healthy family

“Cristal me enseño a quererme a mi misma y tomar las decisiones correctas en mi alimentación. Gracias a su programa de perdida de peso he bajado un total de 89 libras ¡y me siento mejor que nunca!” ~Felicitas Guillen – Sunland, CA

“Desde que empecé mi programa con Cristal ha mejorado mucho mi autoestima, ya no como comida chatarra, me siento muy bien de salud y de regalo he bajado tres tallas de ropa. Yo le recomendaría a cualquier persona que tiene problemas de salud que acudiera a Cristal.” ~Alejandra
Sanchez – Van Nuys, CA

“En un entrenamiento de Cristal entendí que yo era la culpable de mis problemas de salud y que era mi responsabilidad darle a mis hijos comidas nutritivas.  Hoy en día mis hijos son niños sanos que disfrutan de la comida saludable que les preparo.” ~Ana Torres – Glendale, CA

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