Why Salad Diets Don’t Always Work

Hi guys!

Today I bring you good news: It’s ok if you don’t like salads, ‘cause if you’re eating them to lose weight, chances are you’re better off eating a burger! Well, now that I’ve caught your attention with my half-truths (watch and learn Fox news), I suggest you keep reading to find out what I’m talking about! J

When I say you’re better off eating a burger than a salad, I’m referring (but of course) to the chain restaurant variety of salad, whether said restaurant has a one Dollar menu or if they charge you nine bucks or more. The fact is that chain restaurants make salads because they are simply in demand, not because they are cost effective or even easy to make. They know that most people eat salads for health conscious reasons. They also know that most people don’t really like salads, and would rather be eating something hot and full of calories.

Their solution to this is to make sure the salad tastes good, while maintaining some overall appearance of health. And they achieve the almost impossible feat of making the American population enjoy eating vegetables, by smothering them with dressings that are especially designed for this.

Salad dressings can be deceptively fattening, and in fact are the number one cause of failure to lose weight on the traditional “I’ll just eat a salad” diet. If you don’t believe me, ask for the nutritional information of any salad from a chain restaurant (such as McDonald’s, Corner Bakery, Souplantation, etc.) and you will soon be dismayed at the amount of sugar, fat and calories those yummy dressings have. A chopped salad from one of the restaurants mentioned above (I’ll let you do the guessing) has 870 calories, that’s half of your calories for the day! The salads that had Caesar and ranch dressings by the way, had as much as 1270 calories. At that rate, you might as well go have a burger!

Honestly, I almost think those chain restaurants should be given a medal, because if you were making the same chopped salad at home you would have a pretty darn hard time getting the same salad to have even 500 calories, let alone 900. So how do they do it? They combine the three ingredients guaranteed to make your taste buds dance and your cellulite sing: fat, sugar and salt. And they top things off with processed, low quality meats such as chicken and bacon. What, you didn’t think the salad tasted better just because you paid 9 bucks for it, did you?

Luckily for you the solution is simple: go European! Ask for olive oil and vinegar and sprinkle a small amount of salt. If the vegetables are of good quality, you will get used to this 80 calorie dressing in a matter of days. If the vegetables suck however (and they probably will), well then that’s what you get for going around depending on chain food restaurants of all places to help you eat healthy!


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