The best Hydration Drink EVER!

 Hey guys!

I wanted to share with you two of my favorite ways to stay hydrated during the hot summer weather, and also mention WHY it’s so important to keep up a high intake of water and electrolytes.

As you probably already know, your body loses tons of minerals (mainly salts) whenever you sweat, and potassium when you urinate. Having a salt and potassium deficiency generally causes fatigue, achy muscles, headaches, sensitivity to light and a myriad of other symptoms. It’s sad (but true) that here in LA where it’s hot most days out of the year, a very large percentage of people are in a permanent state of dehydration without even knowing it, and yet they wonder why it’s so friggin’ hard to get simple tasks done! Well, guys, when your body is trashed you just don’t feel like taking on your garage or lawn or…stuff.

In any case, here are two ridiculously delicious, cheap and simple ways to stay hydrated:

Crushed Watermelon:

Fill up a blender with seedless watermelon, add some ice and puree it. Drink all you want ladies! Watermelon being fattening is a myth! The stuff is 90 percent water and helps you lose retained liquids. I personally drink as much as half a watermelon a day on hot days, and because my cravings go down and I start getting rid of bloating, my body weight goes down.

FRESH Coconut Water:

The second SUPER mega ultra (!!!) hydration drink is fresh coconut water. Don’t worry about the coconut being young, old, Vietnamese or from Whole Foods. Just make sure it’s a real coconut and not some canned “made from concentrate” crap that has been on the shelf for ages.

Extracting coconut water is so easy that even monkeys know how to do it! If you look at the bottom of a coconut you will see it has three dark indentations. Those are very soft areas that can be punctured with a round screw driver and hammer. Just pop three holes, turn the coconut upside down on a cup and let the water drain into the cup. And just like that, you have yourself a cup full of super serum! No, really! Coconut water was used for blood transfusions during WW II in Hawaii when they real serum ran out. In fact, coconut water is the closest substance to blood plasma known to mankind (well, at least the real stuff. Who knows what store bought coconut water resembles).

Stay thirsty my friends!


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