Cristal  Muñoz
Nutrition Expert, Author & Motivational Speaker

Cristal Muñoz is a nutrition expert that specializes in teaching her clients how to lose weight and stay healthy by changing their eating habits. As an author, she has written numerous articles on nutrition that focus on the key to a healthy diet: “balance” and give the reader the basic information he needs to have a healthier lifestyle. Her new release “Vida Sana Vida Feliz” (Healthy Life, Joyful Life) is designed to give the reader a complete and basic knowledge of how the body works and the effect food has on our health, as well as, a detailed action plan designed to help every member of the household improve their diet and change their bad eating habits for good.

Cristal Muñoz is one of the most sought after motivational speakers on nutrition and dieting. During her speaking engagements on nutrition, she talks about the global epidemic of obesity and the impact it has on our lives, and stresses the importance of changing our viewpoint on food to better suit our health needs. She also coaches individuals through her programs on how to improve their lifestyle by eating healthier, and is a spokesperson for “Got Milk”, a campaign for the Latino community.

“At the age of 5, I weighed 90 pounds and my weight problem lasted into my teens, causing me to battle with not only obesity, but also with low self-esteem. By the age of thirteen my weight brought physical and emotional difficulties that left me lonely, extremely shy and depressed. What was even more painful was that I felt isolated from my peers because they looked at me differently and didn’t accept me”, stated Cristal, who was amongst the first generation of obese kids.

Cristal’s love for food at a young age was owed in part to the fact that her mother was frequently absent due to her own health complications and she resorted to food to satisfy her loneliness. Like so many women today, she thought it would resolve her problems. Her mother, who’d suffered with severe anemia and fibromyalgia made a complete recovery naturally and this inspired Cristal to study in depth natural alternatives.

Cristal Muñoz decided early on that she would do whatever it took to never have a problem with her weight again. Because of her past experience with obesity and food related health problems, she became practically obsessed with health, nutrition and weight loss and spent most of her time researching and studying everything about nutrition and the different ways of losing weight. She also knew she wanted to encourage other young girls and women to confront their weight problems which lead her to become a nutrition consultant.

Cristal Muñoz has been a nutrition expert for over 8 years and owns a nutrition center in Los Angeles, California that personalizes eating programs and supplements, and does a weekly follow up to help clients reach their health and weight loss goals. She has taught women how to lose weight and regain their self esteem without going on a diet, how to maintain their ideal weight by eating the right foods and how to understand the way nutritional panels and food labels work.

Her mission in life is to teach women the importance of “change” in their eating habits and to help them comprehend the magnitude of loving oneself as the key to success. Her biggest challenge is to reach mothers and provide them with the tools and information they need to put healthy food on the table for their family.

“There is a global epidemic of obesity and sadly, those who are suffering the most are our children, whose quality of life is now threatened by serious health issues such as diabetes. This epidemic is growing out of control mainly because parents don’t have the knowledge they need to feed their kids properly,” remarks Cristal.

In her interactive seminars, Cristal Muñoz compels her audience to make a true and lasting commitment with their health. Her key notes and seminars cover the most important aspects of nutrition in a simple, easy to understand way. She has spoken and attended to thousands of women that have made positive changes in their health. For more information of her nutrition programs and tips for a healthier way of life please visit her website For more information on Cristal Muñoz, please call (626) 576-2570 or

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