Hi everyone! Today I chose to post this article because I had someone ask me whether brown eggs (which are usually way more expensive) arereally that much healthier than white eggs, and whether Jumbo eggs came from hens that were given hormones. I hope this answers things for you, and as usual please bear with […]

Soda: A Bio-Hazard Drink

It is without a doubt that most people today have willingly replaced water with soda and other similar refreshments that are supposed to be healthier but at the end of the day have the same amount of sugar or calories. But did they really choose? It is interesting to note that in a family reunion […]

Update on my personal New Year’s Resolution

 Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that I am very proud of myself this year! I feel like I’ve finally overcome the last barrier that was getting in the way of me reaching optimum health and obtaining the body that I’ve always wanted. Perhaps you’re wondering what someone like me, who overcame obesity […]

3 Golden Rules To keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Another year has passed and to prove it, your bathroom scale has rewarded you with a bonus! If that’s not bad enough, all the clothes you received for Christmas are now “brand name clothes” because they brand your skin when you wear them. It seems that for most people, gaining weight during the holidays is […]

My Old year’s Resolution

I’ve often wondered why people have such a hard time keeping their new year’s resolutions (including myself), and why the fight seems to go out on us almost the same day we start. I’ve tried downsizing my goals, being extra anal about doing exactly what I set out to do, abiding by all the charms […]

The Dilemma with Food:(It Brings us Pleasure And Causes Pain)

One of the biggest pleasures in life is being able to enjoy food, and many people easily confess they enjoy a piece of chocolate cake more than the company of their spouse! But one of the most important aspects in taking control of your health is changing your attitude towards food. Remember that if you […]

The Most fattening Holiday Drink

What is the absolutely most fattening drink you can have this holiday season? EGGNOG! Even though it has far more nutritional value than a can of soda, one glass of eggnog tipically has over 200 calories and about 60% of the saturated fat you should have in a day. Store bought eggnog is usually unnecessarily sweet […]

Brushing Your Teeth Might KILL You!!!

OK, so maybe brushing your teeth won’t actually kill you, but the tooth paste you are using just might! Every day more and more individuals and a growing number of dentists are advocating against commercial toothpastes that contain the chemical fluoride, which is currently 99% of all brands sold at regular supermarkets and grocery stores. […]

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to finally share this site in english, and to finally turn my passion for food, health and writing into this blog I share with you today.  I will be posting nutrition tutorials, healthy recipes and product reviews on a weekly basis, so that you can learn something new every day […]

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