Blueberry Yogurt Crepes

These crepes are a healthy option for a delicious weekend breakfast or special treat. Although I don’t recommend this recipe for everyday breakfast, it is still a much healthier option than most cereals and pastries. For quick preparation make extra crepe batter and refrigerate or freeze the rest. Prep Time: About 15 minutes Cooking Time: […]

Oatmeal and Berry Muffins

These muffins are an ideal breakfast for kids or people who are on the go or who don’t like eating a big meal in the morning. They are packed with whole grains and nuts for added protein. Each muffin has just over 200 calories, more than 14 grams of protein and tons of fiber. Prep […]

The Effect of Food on Our Heath

In this last decade, science has come to discover that many health issues are not due to genetic inheritance but due to the fact that what we inherit are our parents bad eating habits. In other words, if mom liked to cook with lard, chances are daughter will also use lard to cook with and, […]


Garlic is considered the world’s second oldest medicine in recorded history. As a cousin to the onion, the mention of garlic has been found in ancient caves as well as clay tablets, dating back to 1000BC, in which garlic was written as a prescription. It is also recorded that Greek soldiers ate garlic before going […]


Many health experts agree that certain illnesses can begin in the digestive system, which consists of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine (colon). Sadly, too people make the common mistake of confusing the stomach with the intestines, and often think they need a stomach cleanser, when they feel digestive problems. However, the stomach […]

The Truth about Cholesterol

Every day, more people discover they have high cholesterol; and this in itself is not surprising as cholesterol is a health problem that affects individuals who are over weight, which is 70% of the current population. Cholesterol is basically fat which accumulates on the walls of veins, capillaries and arteries causing blockage and poor circulation. […]

The Dangers of Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children has become a rampant epidemic within the US, and as a direct result, it is estimated that 1 in 5 Hispanic children has diabetes. There are many factors that cause childhood obesity and the main and most important one is ignorance. Sadly, it is usually the mother who causes their child to […]

The 3 Rules to Ordering In a Restaurant

Eating out is one of the most pleasant experiences that are easily available to most and enjoying the ambiance, eating something delicious and partaking in good conversation can be very therapeutic for many people. So how do you enjoy all of that without blowing your diet? Easy! There are three rules that you must always […]

Obesity: A Global Epidemic

The advances of the last few centuries have culminated in a society that has the means to live longer than ever, cure cancer and even make cosmetic changes that were considered impossible only a few decades ago. In addition to this, advances in transportation and mass production have made it possible for the human race […]


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